Wednesday, October 1, 2008

BRITNEY'S BACK!; Meeting Notes; blah blah blah

Britney Spears ''Womanizer"" is already a hit.
she is looking good and finally got to make a comeback she deserved.

On Monday, we had a drag meeting at my house.
and talked about alcohol and drinking while performing.
if you are a performer and under 21, and are intoxicated you will be removed from the show.
WE HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for drugs and liquor.

I am preparing for my trip to Iowa to perform with Dena Cass, former USofA At Large and Continental Plus.

Jefree Star is coming to OKC on November 6th to the Bricktown BallRoom.
I plan on going to see him.

This weekend is our OYP Benefit.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chris Crocker Releases Single; Kandy Cayne to appear at WreckRoom; Halloween theme announced

How many people remember Britney at the VMA's in 2007? And how many remember the crazy blonde tranny making a video telling America to "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!"?

Well, that crazy blonde tranny, most of you know by now, his name is Ms. Chris Crocker. Crocker's numerous, comical videos all over youtube, his live shows on, and his own merchandise and website have made him a household name in the cyber-generation. What more can he do?

Make a single.

"Mind In The Gutter" is Crocker's first single, produced by one of the youngest, hottest, independent "genius" Jon Asher. I thought to myself, WOW! Crocker has taken it too far. I can take the videos [which i watch non-stop on], but singing? I wasn't buying it.

I was mistaken. The single is actually pretty good. Whether it has been over-edited like Crocker's idol, Ms.Spears, or it's just the true talent, I don't know. But I can tell you that I can't get enough of it. It also debuted #42 on the Top 100 on iTunes.

Tranny's are doing it. Go buy it on iTunes and see for yourself......

In October, a very special guest is coming to the wreckroom... Kandy Cayne, Miss Gay Mississippi USofA. Kandy is a resident of Dallas, TX but grew up in Tulsa, OK. She has been a good friend for several years and she approached me about doing a show at the WreckRoom. I couldn't say no.
I invite everyone to come to the WreckRoom on October 24th & 25th to see Miss Kandy. She is a class act.
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Also, October means Halloween.
And this year Halloween is on a Friday.
That Means PARTY!!!!!!!!!
And this year's theme at the WreckRoom is "Hollywood Zombies"
All your queens and staff will be dressed as dead celebrities.
Which reminds me I need to make my costume, FAST!

Well just a few more tidbits....
October 3rd and 4th the wreckroom is doing a benefit for OYP.
Openarms Youth Project is Tulsa's underage youth center that caters to underage GLBT residents in the Tulsa area. More or less, OYP is Tulsa's version of the WreckRoom.
They were recently vandalized and are raising money for new security equipment.
So the girls at the WreckRoom are here to help.
All tips those nights will be donated to OYP.
Our Special guest on that Friday is Melody Michaels, on her way to Miss Gay America.
Please comeout and support us.

We are searching for NEW castmembers at the WreckRoom for our Friday and Saturday cast.
Any queens/kings can audition.  There are 4 spots up for grabs.
The audition will consist of an interview by Jakkay Monroe [show director] and Renee Hilton [Miss WreckRoom 2008] and then the nights of the OYP benefit they will all perform for a live audition. 
If you are interested in auditioning, myspace Jak'kay.

ALSO... There is a meeting for ALL performers of the WreckRoom at Jak'kay's house on Monday, September 29th @7pm.
Myspace Jak'kay for directions.
The meeting is MANDATORY.

Until next post kiddies

Sunday, September 21, 2008


My name is Jak'kay Monroe.

If you are wondering what the hell this is about, I'll tell ya...
I decided that it was time to have a blog to discuss what is going on in Oklahoma City's GLBT Underground Scene.

I am the host at OKC's Underage, Underground Nightclub 'The WreckRoom', where I have been the show director there for 3 years. 
I am the go-to girl to get all the information, and well I wanted something different than myspace or facebook to discuss all that.

I hope you all like the posts and feel free to comment anytime.